About Us

Garrison Hill Entertainment began in 2005 in the oldest incorporated city in North America. In the harbour town of St. John’s, on the Island of Newfoundland, the idea that folk bands from Atlantic Canada needed to tour more was…always the goal. I began booking bands and exporting traditional players, first near and than far. From pubs and kitchens at home and then from Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia discovering the best in folk and traditional music in our Atlantic region and I created a little agency with a big passion. In addition to the music, homegrown comedians have graced many of the nation’s comedy festivals and delight corporate audiences daily, representing the best in East Coast humour. Storytellers and folk music specifically for wee ones completed the roster and here we are over a decade later. I am still here and still very committed to the quality and importance of culture. Our culture. There is nothing that matters more.

Now located on the historic Tantramar marshes of New Brunswick; I am proud to represent clients from both sides of the Atlantic; amidst the barns and fields of beautiful Sackville. How lucky are we?

Our talented acts have toured across Canada, through the USA, to Afghanistan, France, Ireland, England, Belgium, Scotland, United Arab Emirates and even Australia. We have produced shows for Gene Simmons and Sir Richard Branson; even creating stage shows for the Canadian Department of National Defence in the war torn Middle East. Just as important is every community event and festival where people want to sing, dance, laugh and celebrate. Let us help you do just that.

There is no place we won’t go and no length we won’t go to, to ensure that you become as passionate for these players, entertainers and keepers of tradition as we are. We will bring you fiddles, harps, accordions, whistles, voices, big laughs, stories and most importantly we will bring you a time to remember.

We love traditional folk music and song writers. We love community and we love to enjoy ourselves among friends. We believe you do too. Let us bring a taste of Atlantic Canada, Scotland and Ireland to your event.

Please call us to hear more about the Garrison Hill Entertainment story and to learn more about the touring schedules of the acts we represent and the many other event management services we provide.